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What is interchanges.io?

Interchanges is a digital media network for creative people and projects. It is currently the most accessible, inexpensive way to create your website and build an audience on the internet without any coding knowledge necessary. We will never use any programmatic advertising or sell your data in any way, ever.

Our community-powered, community-tested network is built for meaningful interpersonal exchanges. We provide a custom set of open-source tools for individuals and organizations to create powerful websites and meet their unique needs in creativity, communications and commerce.

Interchanges makes it possible to build strong, functional websites, bypassing conventional barriers to access including complicated development platforms, increasing hosting fees, and decreasing security. Our flexible, ever-evolving infrastructure enables truly independent social networks; our members create, circulate, and curate content for both private and public audiences.

What does Interchanges do?

We help artists and organizations build meaningful, seamless digital and real experiences for their communities. Our custom network environment allows collaboration and connection among members in a user friendly environment.

Our custom open-source tools, in-depth consultation, and a secure virtual server environment enables us to provide consultation and implementation of web development, hosting services, business development, organizational support, branding + design, and creative content.

The Interchanges home page will soon aggregate all public content published by members into a searchable newsfeed of artists and organizations with similar and intersecting goals, while simultaneously publishing out into the world of mainstream social networks.

How does Interchanges do it?

Our company values honesty and inclusivity in everything that we do. Our business practice is driven by a DIY ethic and informed by direct experience and connection within our independent, intersecting communities. We believe the only way to sustain true social change is to shift the business practices that underlie and undermine our communities to begin with – independent commerce can be done without depending on existing models and paradigms, if we build it and own it.

Interchanges does not use any programmatic advertising networks. Members and their readers are free to thrive online without unwanted eyes or algorithms. Although Interchanges does not use a freemium model by hosting ad space on the network, clients can display sponsor banners and anything else that advances the interests of their community. We are committed to bolstering the integrity of hyperlocal community, everywhere, in a way that protects our privacy.

Who does Interchanges do it for?

Interchanges serves independent artists and organizations with existent, hyperlocal communities in need of a digital home that facilitates many levels of communication and efficient workflow. In exchange for an affordable hosting fee, Interchanges makes it possible to quickly create and evolve digital content by creative makers from individuals, to nonprofit and for-profit companies.

Why does Interchanges do it?

The need for connection gives rise to the need for a website. Where you choose to host that website matters. Given that we can only have a creative stake in that which we understand, we work hard to shed light on what is often overlooked about privacy and security online. Our aim is to continuously reveal and provide practical tools to community-makers in the interest of protecting trust, privacy, ownership, and digital rights in communities both on and offline. Our goal is re-orienting the content relationship away from mainstream media and advertiser spyware, towards honest human voices from across a wide spectrum.

What is the future of Interchanges?

In a world of shareholders, we support the stakeholders. The long-term goal of Interchanges is to build a network that facilitates true ownership for real stakeholders in our creative community and build generational wealth through authentic independent fair trade commerce.